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If you know of someone who is hoarding animals or someone who operates a Puppy Mill or a backyard breeding
facility and your feel that the animal's welfare is in jeopardy, please send us your TIP! 
We'll take it from there!  You can remain anonymous if you choose to!
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Please provide the first and last name of the suspect:
Suspect's phone number (if available).
Is the incident at the home of the suspect or at another location?
If the incident is NOT at the home of the suspect, please include his home address here (if known).
Please describe the nature of the animal abuse or cruelty you have witnessed.
Please describe the number of animals (if known).
What type of animals are present? If dogs, do you know what breeds they are? (example: Cocker Spaniels, Pit Bulls, Poodles, etc)
Please include the dates and times you observed the incident.
Can you document any of your observations with photos, videos or witnesses? If so please let us know what type of evidence you have.
If you have photos/videos you wish to download and send to us, please include it.
Your contact information (optional): Providing your Name, Address, and Phone Numbers will enable the Puppy Mill Busters to get in touch with you should we need further details on this complaint. Additionally, it will allow us to keep you updated on the case if and when it has become resolved. Your identity will not be disclosed to the person or persons under investigation.
We only investigate Florida based cases. If you contact us in regards to someone who lives out of state,  we cannot help you.